Embedded Analytics and Reporting

It’s not always practical or necessary for users to access an entire BI platform. Organizations looking to add analytics into their internal software or client-facing distributions should consider embedded analytics and reporting.

Embedded analytics leverages your business apps, providing your users limited access to analytics functionality, all within systems they already know. Instead of users having to configure their data queries, it’s done for them with ready-to-view visualizations.

The Case for Embedded Analytics and Reporting

Two distinct scenarios call for embedded analytics and reporting:

  • Internal role-based use in an organization
  • External client-based use

Internal Role-Based Use in an Organization

Just as organizations limit access to some applications and files, they should also manage access to data and insights.

For instance, your sales team wants to check in on sales data, leads, and tracking over the quarter. It is beyond the scope of their role to also access and gain insights on hiring, promotions, and other HR data within your systems.

Using a BI platform, such as bipp, to embed limited sales-relevant analytics and reporting functionality into a web interface, enables you to hide unnecessary functions and complexity.


Simple for the user
The user only has access to the functions relevant to their role. By stripping down functionality, you remove the confusion that can arise from full BI software complexity.

Data Security
This configuration supports data security within your organization. One of the three pillars of data security in the CIA triad is confidentiality, where “only authorized users and processes should be able to access or modify data.” By embedding functionality appropriate to the user or group, bipp easily satisfies the data confidentiality requirement and leaves the underlying data intact.

External Client-Based Use

Would you like to provide statistics and analysis to your clients on a real-time basis? Embedded analytics and reporting enables you to give your customers insights in real-time, instead of offering reports at the end of a specific time period.

Take, for instance, a telecoms provider. You’d like to be able to show each customer a view of their billing over time, usage, data spent, and comparisons against average users in their area. A BI platform like bipp easily does this, but you can’t allow your customers access to the whole platform.

Your solution? Embed reports into your web dashboard so each customer can access them on your website.


Out of the box functionality
Plug and play with embedded analytics and reporting replaces building your analytics backends, dashboards, and visualizations. Building out customizations for your clients takes a significant amount of time and money better spent elsewhere.

Data-driven insights keep customers informed
Customers can get a better picture of the state of their operations with your business. This is invaluable for their decision-making and tracking.

Get ahead of your competition
Provide insights your competitors miss. Offering real-time analytics and advanced reports makes your business a more desirable choice for customers.

How does embedded analytics and reporting work?

How do you get analytics visualizations such as graphs and figure sets? Via an embedded iFrame in your UI. You simply provide the underlying data and transformations in bipp, and embed the plugins in your website or standalone application. The API calls to bipp generate the bipp dashboards in your UI.

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