BI Deployment

Deployment definition

The deployment environment for your Business Intelligence (BI) software shouldn’t be a last-minute consideration when choosing a BI vendor. Different BI software vendors offer different options for deployment. Vendors may offer only one environment, one environment plus limited-functionality additional environments, or a range of full-service environment options. Examining the deployment options when assessing vendors is critical in business decision-making for future spending and infrastructure calculations.

What does deployment mean when it comes to Business Intelligence?

Deployment refers to where you are going to run your business intelligence software. Since there is a lot of number crunching behind the scenes, you have workloads to run. While self-hosting your BI tool can be a good solution if you have the resources for it, you may also look to public cloud vendors for an alternative solution. As is the case with any resource-consuming operations, it’s good to have options when it comes to deploying your BI software.

Vendor-neutral vs. vendor lock-in deployment

BI software that has vendor lock-in means that you only have one option to host your business intelligence software. For example, Microsoft’s Power BI is native to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud services platform. So while there is a limited-functionality on-premise offering, the full-service BI tool is only available on Azure.

Vendor-neutral deployment is the most flexible option when it comes to running your BI software. This means your BI software is cloud-agnostic and can run on various platforms such as AWS or Azure, plus with options for on-premise or a hybrid deployment.

The benefits of vendor-neutral deployment options

  • Run your BI workloads on your choice of platform or on-premise
  • Migrate workloads to a different provider if they release a better service offering
  • No concern for future lock-in to one specific provider should cost increase significantly

bipp’s approach to deployment

Our customers value choice - and so do we. That’s why we offer vendor-neutral deployment for our BI software. We think having options is great, not only now, but for the future, when BI workloads might scale or change. Whether it’s running on-premise or in the cloud, our software works the same.

bipp was designed from day one to be cloud-agnostic and offers a choice of deployment options. This future-proof, multi-cloud approach means you aren’t locked into a provider and don’t need to move data to gain insight from it.

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