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Trust Your Data. Make Real Time Decisions.

bipp is a modern business intelligence platform that lets you explore billions of records in real time based on trusted data models

Agile analytics business intelligence technology provides your teams with real time access to their data
Reusable data models save data analysts’ time and help business users quickly create ad hoc reports
Robust dashboards and visualizations let teams monitor and measure performance in real-time
Flexible pricing plans include free, $10/user/month, and custom options for large enterprises

Technical teams work with their businesses to define the data that matters as a single source of truth, so everyone makes decisions based on the same information

Business users and analysts ask ad-hoc questions and explore data at a granular level, getting real time answers from billions of rows of data without technical support

Smaller technical teams use bipp’s modern SQL editor to quickly and easily create SQL-based visualizations

bipp’s in-database analytics means there’s no slow-moving cubes or extracts, so you’re making decisions based on the latest data instead of waiting days for outdated dashboards

Reusable data models save data analysts’ time and help business users quickly create ad hoc reports

bippLang data modeling language helps data teams use SQL to build a data dictionary based on key dimensions and metrics, making decisions based on the same trusted business logic

Git-based version control lets the technical team collaborate and iterate on the data model definition. As the schema changes, they can manage the data model version too

Auto-SQL generator allows non-technical users to run ad hoc queries on the data model, slicing and dicing the data without writing any SQL

Robust dashboards and visualizations let business teams monitor and measure performance in real-time, providing a focus on organizational or team KPIs

Dashboards are interactive and can act like data applications, driving quick and accurate decisions

Visualizations reduce time to insight by allowing slicing and dicing of data with updates reflected in real-time

Grid charts display rich, multi-dimensional data, enabling comparison across variables and revealing the range of potential patterns

Scheduled reports allow business users to set up multiple personalized reports for automatic delivery directly to their inboxes as PDFs or JPG files

Data-based alerts send email notifications when thresholds are met or changes occur in sheets or dashboards, which speeds up decision-making

A choice of deployment options ensures companies aren’t locked into a provider and don’t need to move data to gain insight from it

bipp’s default cloud deployment gets businesses up and running quickly, eliminates hardware-related BI costs, lets them can scale up and down, and provides access via any web browser

Cloud-agnostic modern architecture offers a dedicated on-premise deployment which means no lock-in to any cloud provider and enables greater control over data security and privacy

bipp’s embedded analytics option delivers real-time reporting, interactive data visualization, and advanced analytics directly into web applications

Flexible pricing plans include free, $10/user/month, and custom options for large enterprises

Free forever plan provides access to a robust, enterprise-class cloud BI platform at no cost

Premium plan starts at $10 per user so larger teams can use enterprise BI features without the enterprise price tag

Enterprise plan offers customizable features such as embedded analytics and row and column level security for more advanced business requirements

Add-on features include hourly alerts and scheduled pdf granularity, row-level security, and usage reports available on an as-needed basis

Connect data sources to bipp, get analyzing in minutes

bipp connects to leading databases including Amazon Redshift, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, Impala, Snowflake. More on connecting your data sources

How it works
Connect database(s) Connect database(s)
Create datasets from database tables Create datasets from database tables
(Optional) Create custom models (Optional) Create custom models
Build dashboards Build dashboards
Get insights Get insights
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bipp's team has built a great solution and services. They have been the best among all the business intelligence vendors our IT team has worked with.

We managed to replace Qlik in one of our business functions. Their data model technology helps us streamline our operations a great deal.

Director, Data Engineering and Analytics

A Fortune 50 healthcare company