NEWJ Adopts bipp Business Intelligence to Drive Growth

Leading Indian media-tech company explores data in real-time and makes faster decisions with the bipp business intelligence platform.

Plano, TX., May 4, 2022 –– BIPP Inc., the modern business intelligence platform, has been selected by video creation and curation company, NEWJ, to provide data analysis and insights to help drive its Indian geographic expansion.

NEWJ is one of India’s fastest-growing media-tech companies. It is committed to growing India’s Digital Knowledge Economy through impactful and India-centric storytelling and has aggregated over 19 billion views since 2018.

NEWJ uses the bipp business intelligence platform to improve the analytics it generates from dozens of OTT streaming services and social media platforms that host its sports, entertainment, breaking news, travel, and political content. Daily data points such as the number of uploads, views, and popular thumbnails are reviewed by NEWJ’s editorial team and used to guide content and channel selections.

According to Shalabh Upadhyay, NEWJ’s Founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief, using data to guide NEWJ’s content strategy has changed how his business operates.

“As a ‘social-first’ publisher, NEWJ enables its data and tech teams with the tools for maintaining a unified, flexible data repository for storing and accessing data, and bipp has played a key role in helping us process and visualize data at scale.

“We have been utilizing the platform’s data models to process our internal and external data for visualization and presentation. We have been able to analyze data on one interface using bipp services of over 60K unique videos with weekly production of more than 500 videos on multiple social media platforms,” said Upadhyay.

Prior to selecting bipp, NEWJ’s analytics team created new joins to connect rows from multiple tables for daily process management reports. Today, NEWJ relies on bipp’s data modeling layer to help generate complex reports. This takes significantly less time as there’s no need to rewrite queries. The resulting reports help NEWJ’s editorial team select appropriate, audience-specific content that is published on several platforms in various languages across multiple channels and pages.

bipp-generated charts, graphs, and dashboards are embedded in NEWJ’s in-house content management system, which offers a wide range of filter options and are also shared across NEWJ’s teams as insightful data in excel/.csv sheets.

According to bipp’s CEO and Co-Founder, Angshuman Guha, NEWJ represents a new generation of data-driven companies.

“There’s pressure on all businesses to make better use of data. This is especially true in the media sector, where strategic and tactical decisions need to be based on the latest information.

“Modern BI tools with features like data models allow analysts to turn disparate databases into single sources of truth based on the company’s business logic. This speeds up decision-making, which is critical for 24x7 industries,” said Mr. Guha.

About bipp

bipp is a modern, cloud business intelligence platform that lets you explore billions of records in real-time. Simply connect your datasource, and build reusable data models with our Data Modeling Layer. Or analyze your data with Visual SQL Data Explorer and create charts and dashboards in minutes.

Ad-hoc or self-service reporting lets users slice and dice data to source trusted insights that drive business decisions. Insights can easily be shared through scheduled reports, data-based alerts, or embedded in applications.

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About NEWJ (New Emerging World of Journalism)

Founded in 2018, NEWJ’s mission is to tell stories that matter to India’s masses and remains committed to helping build a ‘Digital Bharat’ as well as grow the country’s Digital Knowledge Economy through impactful and India-centric storytelling.

An important part of the mission is to reduce the urban-rural divide in India’s new media space by leveraging data and tech to serve one of the largest and fastest growing news markets in the world.

As a “social-first” publisher, NEWJ incorporates stories of all genres under an umbrella platform and is present in thirteen languages namely Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Odia, Assamese, Urdu, and Malayalam.

NEWJ aims to scale up its capabilities in visual storytelling with a focus on #BharatFirst and has aggregated over 19 billion views since inception reaching an audience of tens of millions across a dozen social media and OTT platforms. It offers its partners and clients 9 times higher engagement rate and 5.5 times higher view to audience ratio compared to average industry standards As many as 850 video stories produced by the ‘NEWJRoom’ have recorded over a million views each.

NEWJ was ranked 25th amongst the top 50 Global Digital Media Companies by Tubular Labs Ltd in September 2021.

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