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Business Intelligence (BI), in a nutshell, is gathering and analyzing a business’s data, using computers, to answer certain questions about the business. It is used for decision-making, tracking, benchmarking, and strategic…. Read More


Cloud analytics, in a nutshell, is using cloud-based systems and services to perform analytics on business data. Processing and data storage is primarily done in the cloud rather than on-premise. Cloud analytics systems and services, with the correct... Read More

The term agnostic doesn’t just apply to religion. It’s a computing term that applies to vendor-neutral products. What does that mean exactly? A piece of hardware or software can be used with a particular type of product, no matter the supplier. In th... Read More


It’s not always practical or necessary for users to access an entire BI platform. Organizations looking to add analytics into their internal software or client-facing distributions should consider embedded analytics and reporting. Embedded analytics ... Read More


Git-based version control is a way of helping to ensure that you never lose the right copy of your business data. Some version control software is very basic and works automatically, like Google Docs’ built-in version history feature. Git is a powerf... Read More


There’s a lot of interest in self-service or ad-hoc Business Intelligence (BI). But what is it? Essentially, self-service BI is a software solution that enables users to analyze and generate business data-based reports without the aid of data analyst... Read More