bipp Pricing Plans

Try bipp for free, then upgrade to our flexible Premium or customized Enterprise plans as your needs grow.


Explore a powerful, modern enterprise BI platform for free
90 days free trial; up to 3 users
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Included in Free:
  • Unlimited data models - with git version control
  • Unlimited ad-hoc explorations
  • Single source of truth
  • Connection to all types of SQL databases(except Impala, Oracle, and Teradata)
  • Collaborative SQL editor
  • In-database analytics
  • Auto SQL generator
  • Two dashboards
  • Ten reports
  • Role-based access control/permissions
  • Wide range of visualizations
  • Grid chart
  • Spaces
  • Google Oauth
  • Cloud-based FAQ and video library


Pick what your company needs and pay only for what you use
Billed annually
Everything included in Free, plus -
  • 5 Git-based projects
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited reports
  • Alerts
  • Download data as .CSV
  • Do more with bipp Add-ons, including...
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Single Sign-On
  • Caching
  • Fine grained permissions
  • ...and many more


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Everything included in Premium, plus:
  • Audit logs
  • Self-hosting option
  • Connection to Apache Impala, Teradata, and Oracle databases
  • bipp Add-ons (except Embedded analytics)

bipp Add-Ons

Premium and Enterprise plan customers can supplement their bipp plans with bipp Add-ons. Premium users can customize their Add-ons, and only pay for what they use, while Enterprise plan customers have access to all Add-ons (except Embedded Analytics).

Scheduled reports

Allows business analysts and users to keep their teams up to date by scheduling personalized reports that are delivered automatically to inboxes of multiple stakeholders, customized by frequency and time zone.

SAML 2.0 based Single Sign On (SSO)

Helps bipp users log in quickly and easily. Single Sign-On (SSO) manages your user authentication from a centralized location. We support SSO through other external identity providers as well.

Fine-Grained Permissions and Custom Roles

Granular permissions ensure all users can only access data that they’re allowed to view. In addition, fine-grained permissions and custom roles provide increased security and support compliance and governance.


Caching helps optimize the performance of frequently accessed dashboards and sheets by storing frequently accessed data from the primary data source locally within the application.

Security Filters RLS/CLS

Row-Level/Column-Level Security restricts data access to specific users or groups of users at the row/column level. With this feature, two users viewing the same dashboard will only see the data they have permission to view.

Hourly Alert Granularity

Standard bipp alerts let you schedule user alerts on a daily/weekly/monthly, or custom basis. With Hourly Alerts, you can send reports or dashboards as often as every hour.

Custom Visualizations

Don’t let standard visualizations limit your ability to tell stories with data. This Add-on allows you to create customized visualizations for your company’s unique needs.

Reverse SSH Tunneling

Connect customer data sources behind the firewall through bipp’s Reverse SSH Tunnel. This adds an extra layer of security without exposing the database host to the internet.

Embedded Analytics

Turn your visualizations into real-time BI applications that can be securely embedded into third-party applications. This helps customers or internal teams understand the state of operations without learning a new platform.