Parameters and Meta-Functions

Adding parameters and bipp meta-functions increases the power and capabilities of your SQL. This example uses the $bipp_if meta-function to create an if-then-else construct in the SQL for the table enabling you to make the SQL conditional on parameter values. The $bipp_equal meta-function creates a Boolean condition in the SQL for a derived table.

using parameters and meta-functions bipp

Select the columns:

using parameters and meta-functions columns

using parameters and meta-functions filter

bipp generates the SQL:

    SELECT t000.stock_code AS _0, t000.unit_price AS _1
    FROM (
        SELECT t000.invoice_num AS invoice_num,
            t000.stock_code AS stock_code,
            t000.unit_price AS unit_price
        FROM (
            SELECT t.invoice_num AS invoice_num,
                t.stock_code AS stock_code,
                t.unit_price AS unit_price,
       AS country
            FROM `online_retail`.`stocks` AS s
            JOIN `online_retail`.`transactions` AS t
            ON s.code = t.stock_code
            WHERE s.description like '%TAPE%'
        ) AS t000
        GROUP BY 1, 2, 3
    ) AS t000
   GROUP BY 1, 2

Fetch the data:

using parameters and meta-functions results