bipp Offers Chartio Users 50% Off Premium Plan

New BI Platform Provides Chartio Users With Low-Cost Upgrade Path to Modern BI
March 24, 2021, Plano, TX –– bipp Inc., a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make better and faster decisions, is offering Chartio customers an incentive to migrate their SQL and visualization data. Chartio users qualify for a 50 percent discount on their first year of bipp’s Premium plan. bipp’s offer follows Chartio’s announcement that it will shut down the Chartio product on March 1, 2022, following its acquisition by Atlassian.

For reference, the typical Chartio client had around 17 users, and per-user pricing started at $40 each month. bipp’s offer would save these companies more than $7,000 in their first year.

According to Angshuman Guha, CEO and Co-Founder of bipp, while Chartio won’t shut off until 2022, companies should be implementing their migration strategies now, given the increasing intersection of data, workflows, and collaboration.

“Depending on the number of data sources, amount of data, and how many charts and dashboards they use, it can take a company up to six months to select a new BI vendor and get up and running. For these reasons, Chartio users should think about their migrations as an opportunity to upgrade their BI platforms,” said Mr. Guha.

In addition to the financial incentive, new bipp users will find these features and options available from day one:
  • Upgrade to an Enterprise-Grade BI Platform - bipp includes a robust permissions model, git-backed version control, and the bipp data modeling layer.
  • Data Modeling Included for Free - The bipp data modeling layer helps companies build reusable data models with its light-weight, 31 keyword structure. Data analysts can easily adapt their SQL knowledge to build and maintain the trusted data models. And business users can explore the datasets independently, create ad-hoc reports and drill down into data at row-level detail without needing any SQL knowledge.
  • Try bipp Out with an Always Free Version - The free version of bipp requires no credit cards, and there is no 10-day shut-off. Current Chartio users will have time to explore bipp, either with their data or using bipp's sample datasets before signing up.
  • SQL Native with Auto-Generated SQL - As a team grows, business users can do ad-hoc reports using auto-generated SQL queries. Our reusable data models mean users never rewrite SQL queries again.
  • Self-Service Reporting and Visualization - bipp's visualizations are interactive and act like applications so non-technical users can monitor and measure performance in real-time - or be alerted by email when a threshold or KPI is achieved. Users can also run and drill down into their reports and queries by themselves, without the support of their data teams.
  • On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid Deployment - bipp supports a range of deployment options and is cloud-agnostic.

“Other cloud business analytic tools are great for single-use reports and analyses by technical users who can write SQL. But they are overly simplistic and don’t allow for ad-hoc analyses and reports by business users. In a world where data, workflows, and collaboration are intersecting, now is the perfect time to think about a modern BI alternative,” said Mr. Guha.

For more information about the 50% off offer for Chartio users, please visit

About bipp

bipp Inc. is a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make better and faster decisions. Our enterprise-grade, in-database, cloud BI platform was developed to save data and BI analysts’ time and develop insights faster. It leverages SQL and is powered by the bipp data modeling layer, which supports collaboration, git-based version control, and re-usable data models.

Business users can use bipp to build and explore ad hoc reports on their own. They can slice and dice data and create visualizations, with updates reflected in real-time. Insights can then be easily shared across their organizations. Go to or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.

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