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At bipp, we know that data analysts are the main users of BI platforms. We also know that connecting databases, creating datasets, writing SQL queries, building custom models and dashboards is hard work. So we built the bipp BI platform to make it easier for you to tell stories with data.

Features Designed for You

bippLang Data Modeling Language Streamlines SQL

bippLang Data Modeling Language Streamlines SQL

This easy-to-learn language helps you create reusable complex data models with custom columns and dynamic sub-querying.

This breaks the cycle of re-writing queries for every question. Once you build a data model, it’s encoded forever - not stuck in the mind of the person who wrote it.

bippLang also brings modern software development to SQL with Git-based version control so you can commit and automatically merge changes from your browser.

Data Modeling

In-Database Analytics Speeds Up Access and Real-Time Results

In-database analytics integrates data analytics into your enterprise data warehouse.

In-database allows for data processing to be conducted within the database by building analytic logic into the database itself. Using this model, bipp directly hits your database every time a report is fetched or dashboard is refreshed.

This saves time because there’s no need to copy the data and move it back and forth between the database and a separate analytics application, which speeds up access.


In-Database Analytics Speeds Up Access and Real-Time Results
Git-Based Version Control Turns Your Data Models Into Living Entities

Git-Based Version Control Turns Your Data Models Into Living Entities

The bippLang data modeling language uses Git to record changes and manage file versions.

Each bipp project connects to a Git repository, and each developer branch encapsulates changes in a Git branch. This turns your data models and SQL queries into living entities so you’re always using the most modern version.

You can also record changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.

This saves time as you can reuse code, review history, and make edits to files for SQL queries.

Git-based Version Control

Features Designed for Your Business

Data Visualization Turns Data Into Stories

Data Visualization Turns Data Into Stories

Our visualizations reduce time to insight by allowing slicing and dicing of data with dashboard updates reflected in real-time.

Every sheet in bipp is a visualization format for data that can be saved and used in dashboards. bipp’s dashboards themselves are interactive and can act like data applications.

They drive quick and accurate decision-making as you can monitor and measure performance in real time and provide focus on organizational or team KPIs.

Data Visualization

Reports and Alerts Keep Your Team Up-to-Date

bipp’s data-based alerts speed up decision-making by sending email notifications to key people. Alerts are generated once defined thresholds are met or changes occur in sheets or dashboard screens.

Ad hoc reporting lets business users create complex SQL queries with a few clicks, and quickly build and share reports without assistance from data analysts.

Scheduled reports allow business users to schedule personalized reports for automatic delivery directly to their inboxes as PDFs or JPG files.

Reports and Alerts

Reports and Alerts Keep Your Team Up-to-Date

Expert Advice and Support Save You Time

If your organization has more complex or comprehensive BI and analytics needs, having access to bipp’s experts can be a life saver (or get you home on a Friday afternoon).

bipp professional services can help you develop your BI strategy, get you started faster, and help you demonstrate return on your company’s BI and analytics investment.

Whether you’re starting out or want to improve your BI and analytics skills - bipp also offers a range of remote training courses for all skill levels.

Professional Services

bipp is a business intelligence platform built for data analysts from the ground up. If you’re looking for a modern, enterprise-grade, in-database BI platform, click here...