Why is bipp a compelling Sisense alternative?

bipp wants to help all businesses seamlessly derive insights from data to make informed decisions. Increasingly, this means putting a powerful BI tool in the hands of people all across the company or embedding it into your products.

Like many other BI tools, Sisense is complex and requires training to master. In addition, its architecture requires a high level of technical skill to set up the in-cache technology. The level of ongoing technical support can also significantly increase the price of keeping it going. Non-technical users may also find it challenging to set up the ElastiCubes data objects without significant assistance from IT. This will hamper an enterprise’s ability to scale Sisense across its broader organization.

It’s always healthy to consider options. If you want to upgrade your BI approach, here are four reasons why bipp is a compelling Sisense alternative:


bipp’s in-database analytics means there are no slow-moving cubes or extracts, so non-technical users can make real-time decisions based on the latest data instead of waiting days for outdated dashboards.

Sisense’s ElastiCubes slow down when your data set grows, with cube management requiring high system resources. With bipp’s ad-hoc reporting, users can explore billions of records in seconds, and get granular, row-and-column-level answers.

Data Governance

bipp uses a data modeling language that streamlines SQL and acts as an enterprise-wide single source of truth. This data dictionary is reused by business users through a point-and click interface, and requires only occasional edits by the technical team.

Sisense’s data model is not as intuitive for non-technical staff, requiring substantial IT support. While ElastiCube’s complex architecture requires a higher skill level to set up the in-cache technology and to get it going. This can add significant amounts of money to the overall cost of operations.

Embedded Analytics

bipp is currently embedded in many Fortune 50 applications. Our enterprise edition includes embedded analytics functionality in addition to other advanced features including row and column level security and AD/SAML groups integration.

Sisense presents two, parallel platforms. One supports embedded analytics, the other acts as a standard BI platform.


bipp believes enterprise-level business intelligence should not come at enterprise prices. bipp’s pricing models start at $10 per user per month, offering enterprise functionality from the beginning. Sisense doesn’t list its prices but reviews and industry estimates suggest per user pricing starts at $83 per month. Our always free trial can help you start your BI vendor comparison today.