Why is bipp a compelling Mode alternative?

bipp wants to help all businesses seamlessly derive insights from data to make informed decisions. Increasingly, this means putting a powerful BI tool in the hands of people all across the company or embedding it into your products.

bipp was engineered from the ground up for technical teams, business analysts, and business users. However, unlike Mode, bipp takes this balance seriously and continues to find ways to make it easier for non-technical people to create their dashboards and make changes without technical support. For example, bipp’s data modeling layer ensures that business intelligence teams no longer rewrite queries for every question.

It’s always healthy to consider options. If you want to upgrade your BI approach, here are four reasons why bipp is a compelling Mode alternative:


bipp’s in-database analytics means there are no slow-moving cubes or extracts, so non-technical users can make real-time decisions based on the latest data instead of waiting days for outdated dashboards.

Data Governance

As your organization grows, the need for a robust data model becomes clear. Technical users can get hands-on and create SQL-based visualizations. But if you want true scale across your enterprise, you need a data modeling layer that interfaces between your SQL database and the data exploration and reporting tools. The data modeling layer hosts your business logic, creating a reusable, enterprise-wide single source of truth. Business users access this through point-and-click charts and dashboards, and it requires only occasional edits by the technical team.

One of bipp’s key features is the auto-SQL generator that allows non-technical users to run queries, slicing and dicing data without writing any SQL.


bipp believes enterprise-level business intelligence should not come at enterprise prices. bipp’s pricing models start at $10 per user per month, offering enterprise functionality from the beginning.

Mode doesn’t list its prices, but reviews and industry estimates suggest per user pricing starts at $19 per month. Our always free trial can help you start your BI vendor comparison today.


While COVID has accelerated the shift to the cloud, there will also be on-premise requirements for some time to come. Whereas Mode is cloud-only, bipp provides a genuine choice of cloud or on-premise deployment. We offer an on-premise version, given many companies maintain a lot of on-prem data, especially in the healthcare and financial services sectors.