Chartio Users Get 50% Off bipp's Premium Plan for 12 months

For those wanting to compare BI tools, both bipp and Looker perform essentially the same function. Both help companies use their data to make better decisions. They are SQL-based, connect to databases, help create datasets, let you build dashboards, and get insights that can be shared across an organization.

Looker has features to help companies explore, share and visualize their data. But their pricing model makes it difficult to scale as your company adds more self-service BI users or needs additional services. Bipp offers comparable functionality to Looker for a much lower per-user price and is a solid Looker alternative if you want to get more ad-hoc BI users but can’t afford Looker’s fees.

As you seek to upgrade your BI approach, here are four reasons why bipp is a compelling Looker alternative:

Data Governance

Both bipp and Looker use a data modeling language that streamlines SQL and acts as an enterprise-wide single source of truth. Unlike bipp’s bippLang, LookML doesn’t include dynamic analytic functions and structured SQL or nested dynamic SQL. It also uses 181 keywords (versus bipp’s 31) which means it requires significantly more effort from the technical team to learn the language and achieve the same result.


Unlike Looker, bipp offers a grid chart visualization functionality in addition to bar, line, and scatter plot charts. Grid charts display rich, multi-dimensional data, enabling comparison across variables and revealing the range of potential patterns in the charts. bipp streamlines workflow by displaying grid charts with millions of data points in the browser.

Optional Data Model

While our data model is incredibly powerful, sometimes you just want to visualize your SQL right away. bipp’s SQL based visualization functionality means you can write a query then visualize immediately. With Looker, you’re locked into using the data model.


bipp believes enterprise-level business intelligence should not come at enterprise prices. Our pricing model starts at $10 per user per month, unlike Looker’s estimated cloud pricing of $50 per user per month. Our always free trial can help you start your BI vendor comparison.