For those wanting to compare BI tools, both bipp and Chartio perform essentially the same function. Both help (well, helped in Chartio’s case) companies use their data to make better decisions. They are SQL-based, connect to databases, help create datasets, let you build dashboards, and get insights that can be shared across an organization.

Chartio had the features to help smaller companies get going with data, user-friendliness, affordability, and the expected BI tool functionality. But growing Chartio-using organizations eventually struggled under the weight of a giant repository of dashboards. The absence of a single source of truth made it challenging to find dashboards or figure out which dashboard was the “correct” one.

Suppose you, like many Chartio users, are now looking at alternatives and building a migration strategy. Here are four reasons why bipp should be on your Chartio replacement short-list as you seek to upgrade your BI approach:

Data Governance

The most significant difference between bipp and Chartio is our auto-generated bippLang data model. This data dictionary acts as an enterprise-wide single source of truth and is reused by all charts and dashboards, with only occasional edits. Chartio, by comparison, suffers under a model where charts have unique pipelines, and metrics can be calculated differently by non-analysts which causes company-wide confusion.


Chartio has a very limited form of version control, whereas bipp’s robust Git-based version control lets the technical team collaborate and iterate on the data model definition. As the schema changes, they can manage the data model version too.

Ad Hoc Reporting

While Chartio's Visual SQL is powerful, it still requires business users to understand SQL or risk mistakes. With bipp, non-technical users can explore data and quickly create reports whenever they want, giving them a view of organizational or team KPIs without bothering the data team.


bipp believes enterprise-level business intelligence should not come at enterprise prices. Our pricing model starts at $10 per user per month. Our always free trial can help you begin to compare vendors. Also, take a look at our special offer for Chartio users.