Machine Learning products brought to you from the minds that brought you Google Search, Azure ML & Windows Handwriting Recognition.

Our team brings together more than 4 decades of software building experience at Google, Microsoft, hot startups and large enterprises.

Our Team

The bipp team has a combined 50+ years of software engineering experience in the industry.

  • 30+ years industry Machine Learning experience.
  • Google - web search, books search, ad conversion prediction.
  • Microsoft - Azure ML, handwriting recognition, ad click prediction, web search, NLP on emails, customer support analytics.
  • Sears Holdings - analytics at large and complex retail scale, data integration and management, machine learning.
  • Yandex Labs - web search.
  • Asana - help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together.
  • Captricity - image classification, OCR, machine learning.

Angshuman Guha

Founder, CEO

Angshuman Guha has been a practitioner of applied machine learning for 24 years, spanning Microsoft, Google, Yandex Labs, Sears Holdings and a startup.

He has worked on handwriting recognition, optical character recognition, web search, image recognition, conversion prediction for online advertisements, ad click prediction based on text, machine learning infrastructure and other machine learning problems.

His main technical strength lies in deep learning (neural nets), but he has worked on all state-of-the-art machine learning technologies including random forests, boosting, bagging and support vector machines.

He chose to remain a hands-on engineer/scientist instead of going up the management ladder. He is passionate about open-ended hard computer science problems, with focus on, but not limited to, modern machine learning paradigms. He holds two dozen technical patents in the US and outside.

He has a BS in CS from Jadavpur University and an MS in CS from University of Iowa. He spent 3 years in the PhD program in CS at University of Wisconsin, Madison, but did not finish it.

Vishal Joshi

Founder, CTO

Vishal loves building products that make others more productive.

In his 14 years of software building career spanning various teams at Microsoft, he has been fortunate to have worked on wide range of software products that cover the entire software stack.

He was one of the early member on the AzureML core algorithms team. He has 7 years of applied machine learning experience spanning diverse areas like ad prediction, search relevance, natural language processing in offce and spam detection in Exchange.

In his latest role as a DVP - ML & Analytics at Sears, he was responsible for modernizing their analytics stack, bringing in cloud-based data management, introducing ML and creating integration between myriad moving parts of that large and diverse enterprise.
At Sears, he saw huge potential for a BI product that empowers BI analysts with machine learning features. Such a product will reduce a huge bottleneck for the organization.

Dr. Rajesh Nandy

MTS, Healthcare Innovation

Rajesh loves building healthcare solutions that are at the intersection of machine learning, image processing and manufacturing innovation.

He has over 18 years of experience doing research in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. He has worked and taught at University of Washington at Seattle, University of California at Los Angeles and University of North Texas. He is curently involved in an NIH initiative to bring Big Data methods and Machine Learning power to state-of-the-art fMRI and MRI algorithms and visualization.

Sayan Pathak PhD.

Principal Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist and AI school Instructor

Sayan has has published and commercialized cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technology to big data problems applied to medical imaging, neuroscience, computational advertising and social network domains.

He has worked at Microsoft and at Allen Institute for Brain Science. He has been a consultant to several startups and principal investigator on several US National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants. He is a faculty at the University of Washington for 15 years and is Affiliate Professor in CSE at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India for over 4 years. He has taught several courses (namely Image Computing Systems, Information Retrieval, Social Networks, Machine Learning) at the undergraduate and graduate level. He has served in committees of several doctoral and masters students.

Saurav Haloi

Principal Engineer, Big Data Storage Engines

Saurav is a software engineer with more than 13 years of experience in building complex, large-scale, multi-platform, multi-tier enterprise software systems across diverse technology spaces in storage, big data, cloud computing and distributed systems at Dell EMC, Veritas/Symantec and TATA Research.

In his 9 years of tenure at Veritas/Symantec, he worked in industry leading storage products like VERITAS Volume Manager, Volume Replicator and was involved in the design and implementation of products like Symantec Enterprise Solution for Hadoop, Symantec Open Flame (now called VERITAS HyperScale for OpenStack) from inception.

In EMC/Dell EMC, he was responsible for the design and implementation of multiple product ideas in areas like multi-cloud DRaaS, NoSQL DB protection, Identity Management etc. He was one of the core members of the team that built Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager, a SaaS solution to protect workloads in the cloud.

Saurav is a passionate software developer, an open source enthusiast and an advocate for pragmatic software engineering practices . He aspires to solve real world customer problems by building innovative software products and solutions.

Gaurav Gupta

Principal Engineer, Product

Gaurav is a software engineer with 14+ years of experience in building complex software poducts at Microsoft and VMware which are used by millions of users.
He enjoys the process of creating AI products that transform the way we work.

Sadiq Ahamed

Chief Strategist

Sadiq brings business sense to what would have otherwise been a highly technical eccentric team!

Sadiq is an Entrepreneur and an Inventor (filed 4 US patents and 10 inventions) with around 14+ years of experience in multiple roles of Software Product Management in India and US.

He has a passion for following technology focussed start-ups and is interested in building lasting relationships with fellow technologists.


Radmila Sarac

Senior Program Manager, EmpowerMD, Microsoft

Radmila joined Healthcare NExT at Microsoft in April of 2017 after more than ten years of combined experience in technology and healthcare.

As a medical student and a patient advocate navigating healthcare systems in four different countries (US, Uganda, Serbia, Switzerland) she had a privilege to understand and remove obstacles people face when seeking medical care.

She enrolled at the University of Washington Medical School in the Fall of 2011. This was after she spent six years improving the accuracy and performance of handwriting recognition engines at Microsoft and building test automation frameworks at Google. Radmila is passionate about creating the future where technology empowers the science and practice of medicine to improve the health of every person on the planet.

Ahmad Abdulkader

CTO Workfit Corp

Ahmad is a well renowned industry expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks.

Before co-founding Workfit, Ahmad served as a lead architect for Facebook’s applied AI efforts, which produced wide-reaching platforms like DeepText, a text-understanding engine with near-human accuracy in over 20 languages.
Prior to that, he worked at Google, building OCR engines, Machine Learning systems, and computer vision systems.

Prior to Google, Ahmad led a number of core teams at Microsoft Ad-Center & Bing. He also built the state of the art 'Handwriting Recognition Technology' which currently powers Microsoft's touch devices including 'Surface' and 'Windows phone'.