User Management

As a Bipp user you can invite other users to try out Bipp. You can also share your domain with other users by assigning them permissions to your domain or to specific objects in the domain.

When you are invited to join Bipp via email, you will be required to register on the site. Once registered you can access any object that has been shared with you depending on the permissions assigned (Admin, Read/Write or Read). You can create your own datasources, projects, sheets, dashboards and share these with other users. You can also create groups of users and assign permissions for specific objects to certain groups. The following sections will provide navigation details for these features.

Switching between domains

Your own Bipp domain is the one where you have Creator permissions. This is created by default when you register on Bipp. Additionally you may be able to access domains that have been shared with you, with Admin, Read/Write or Read permissions. At any point of time, you will be able to access only one of these domains. You can switch between domains on the “Tenants” tab which is in the “Settings” screen. The “Settings” screen may be accessed by clicking on the “Settings” option in the main menu.


To switch to a specific domain, open the menu options for the domain (tenant) and click on “Select”. Note that the application URL will change when you switch to another domain/subdomain combination.

Note: To access any object that has been shared with you by another user, you need to use the domain where the object was created. Any object created by you in your own or another domain will not be visible to other users unless you explicitly share it.

Inviting users

The “Users” option in the main menu is only available when you are in your own domain. Clicking on this takes you to the User Management screen. Your name will always be listed on this screen with CREATOR permissions. Users

Additionally you can invite other users to your domain by clicking on the “Add New User(s)” button at the top right of the screen. Multiple users may be invited to join your domain using the “Add New Users” pop-up as shown below.

Add New Users

Once the other users accept the invitation, their names would be included on the “Users” screen on the “Users” tab. Any pending invitations would be listed on the “Pending Invitations” tab.

Permissions for invited users may be changed from the Users screen. A user may also be removed from the domain, by deleting the user on the “Users” screen. This will disable all access that the deleted user had on all objects in the domain.

User Groups

Multiple users with similar permissions on shared objects can be grouped together for easy access management. Bipp provides this feature through the “Groups” screen which can be accessed from the main menu.


You can create a new group by clicking on the “New Group” button on the top right of the screen. The group name is required when creating a new group.


The new group will now appear on the groups listing screen. The name or description of the group may be changed by clicking on the “Edit” menu option for the group. An existing group may be deleted by clicking on the “Delete” menu option. You can add users to this group and edit permissions for those users by clicking on the group name or “View” option from the group menu. The group screen consists of two tabs as follows

  1. Users: This is where you can add/edit users and their permissions with respect to the domain. New users may be included in the list on the screen by clicking on the “Add User(s)” button at the top-right of the screen. The user will be added to the group once the checkboxes corresponding to the user and the permission to be assigned are checked. User may be removed from the group by unchecking the user checkbox.


  2. Shared Content: This is where you can add/edit permissions for all users in the group with respect to specific objects like dashboards, sheets, projects and datasources that have been created by you. To edit permissions to a particular object, select the object so that it may be included to the group and select the access permissions that all members of the group should have on that object.


User Profile

You may view details about your Bipp profile on the “Settings” screen which can be accessed from the main menu. Details like Name, email, current tenant name and permissions will be displayed on this screen. You can also change your password from this screen.


Tenant Settings

Tenants can opt to customize the Bipp application as per their convenience. Bipp allows certain customizations applicable to all users for a particular tenant. These can be edited by a user who has Creator permissions for the tenant on the “Settings” screen - “Customize Tenant” tab. The brand name and logo can be updated along with other preferences for different functionality available in Bipp as shown below.


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