Bipp Docs

Bipp has been designed as a powerful data analytics tool that can provide enterprise-grade business intelligence and insights. It combines connectivity to different types of databases, with built-in features for creating custom data models and data visualizations. You can embark on your journey with Bipp either by going through our Quickstart or taking a detailed tour of the product and its capabilities.

  • The Bipp Quickstart : Provides a quick walkthrough of the basic Bipp features.

  • The Bling Specification : Explains what you can do with a DataModel in Bipp using Bling syntax.

  • The Ding Specification : Explains what you can do with a Dashboard in Bipp using Ding syntax.

  • Using Bipp : Provides detailed walkthroughs on using different Bipp functionality.

  • Bipp Desktop : Shows how you can install and use Bipp as a collaborative SQL Editor on your desktop.

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