Angshuman Guha

Founder and CEO

Angshuman Guha writes code every day. He uses algorithms to solve big problems and holds 24+ patents for inventions as diverse as ‘risk premiums for conversion-based online advertising bidding’ to ‘determining a text string based on visual features of a shred’.

bipp’s CEO is clearly a hands-on guy. He’s been in the applied machine learning ‘business’ for 24 years, with a career that includes senior roles with Microsoft, Google, Yandex Labs, and Sears Holdings. Angshuman is a master of deep learning and makes neural nets do surreal things - recognize handwriting, understand forms, predict clickthrough rates, understand text/words, predict the next item your customer is going to buy…

Angshuman is passionate about open-ended hard computer science problems, with focus on modern machine learning paradigms. And when it comes to BI, he founded bipp, in part, to meet market - and engineering - needs that remain unsatisfied.

Vishal Joshi

Founder and CTO

Vishal Joshi likes to understand how things work. And make them work better. His interest and work have spanned neural net classifiers to productivity software, massively parallel linear prediction systems to using new-world data technologies to solve business problems, customer support software to web search for consumers. And this was just before breakfast today. JK. It was before lunch.

In a 14-year software career spanning various teams at Microsoft, Vishal worked on a wide range of software products that cover the entire software stack. He was one of the early members of the AzureML core algorithms team and has seven years of applied machine learning experience spanning diverse areas like ad prediction, search relevance, natural language processing in Office and spam detection in Exchange.

As Divisional Vice President, ML & Analytics at Sears, Vishal was responsible for modernizing their analytics stack, bringing in cloud-based data management, introducing ML and creating integration between myriad moving parts of that large and diverse enterprise.

As evidenced in his stint at Asana, Vishal loves building products that make others more productive. And that’s at the heart of bipp’s promise.